Planning of bearing structures has been one of the cornerstone services of Olker Engineers for over four decades. We develop feasible bearing systems and accompany construction projects based on the architect’s designs, starting with the client’s initial idea and ending with planning documents which are ready for implementation. To ensure the satisfaction of our clients, we plan buildings that are both functional and aesthetic in line with our deep specialist expertise and absolute adherence to schedules.

One of the main challenges in this process is ensuring seamless cooperation between the trades involved – structural engineering, solid construction and steel construction. Our planning services combine all of these disciplines, therefore allowing us to react rapidly to any changes which arise during the planning phase. We cooperate with trusted and reliable partners in neighbouring areas (e.g. heat insulation according to the German EnEV energy saving ordinance or sound insulation provisions).

Structural engineering:

Whether in steel construction, industrial construction or superstructure work: clients and construction companies expect clear, professional statements concerning structural engineering problems in all areas. Place your trust in our specialist expertise, quick work, spontaneous operational capability and ability to cope with pressure. You can expect:

» Optimum dimensioning of the individual building elements with regard to safety and economy

» Certification according to the current state of the art and applicable standards (especially Eurocodes)

» Simultaneous processing of several projects from various specialisms

» Clarification and identification of solutions in coordination with clients, specialist planners and test engineers


Solid construction

We develop sound construction solutions in the area of reinforced concrete construction. This includes implementing and unifying all individual specifications of the parties involved in the project (client, architect, specialist planner, structural engineer). We create clear, descriptive working drawings with high-quality information content. Tight schedule planning is easily overcome by our staff without compromising on quality, aided by high-end, cutting-edge hardware and software. You can expect:

» Explanations of assignments and concept planning

» Coordination and interface meetings

» Engineering inspections

» Creation of working drawings for reinforced concrete construction and masonry


Steel construction

Whether developing a sound bearing structure from the draft systems plan, solving points of conflict between systems and pipework planning and steel construction, planning complex systems economically or taking sufficient account of the spatial situation for rebuilding in existing contexts: steel construction has to realise what is feasible in cooperation with systems planners. Olker Engineers boast extensive experience in planning large production facilities with more than 1000 tons of steel, rebuilding projects and extensions in and adjacent to existing buildings, pipe bridges or even substructures for crane tracks. You can expect:

» The highest flexibility during the planning phase

» Planning precision to the millimetre

» Practicable solutions for rebuilding – even while operations continue